Features & Specs

Multiscale Fretboard

Multiscale instruments extend the range of the bass strings and aid in supporting a deeper lower register, I have also found the increase to assist in bass intonation. Certain ergonomic benefits may be found when the scale spread is kept relatively small.

Michaud Bevel

A new take on the arm bevel originated by William Laskin. Two different end terminations provide a visual unity while retaining high comfort gains.

Timbre Specific Bracing

All wood is not created equal. Because of the natural variances found among different species unique bracing techniques must be utilized. Active or Reflective back bracing along with the tops braces control the guitars voice and feel. Through deflection testing and tap tone, materials can be optimized to reach full potential.

Double Sides

My guitars come standard with double laminated sides. This process creates a much stiffer rim assembly that is more stable and provides an anchor to the top and backs vibrating plates. Double sides also assist in creating a stronger neck to body structure.

Sculpted Bridge

I use a unique bridge design inspired by the works of Ervin Somogyi. With low weight and high strength in the wings it becomes a very efficient driver of tone. Mass and stiffness in the bridge area is extremely important in driving the guitars top. I’am also beginning to offer a pinless version.

Fully Intonated

With a fully compensated system in place my guitars will play accurately across the spectrum. The implementation of a 3/16" wide saddle provides plenty of room for accurate intonation. Couple this with an adjusted nut on the headstock end.


I am very meticulous about the materials that I put into my guitars. The heart of a guitars tone is in the soundboard. All tops have little to no runout and exhibit high strength/low weight. Bracing again is hand split to eliminate runout. Back and sides are chosen both for beauty and tone. I am happy to assist in choosing the proper tone woods for your desired goals.


My design philosophy is constantly evolving. Currently the focus is on clean simple lines complimented with organic textures. I strive to create cohesive instruments with each element complimenting the next. Through collaborations with my clients I am able to create guitars with brilliant tone and form.

Custom Case

All guitars come standard with fitted Hiscox Hardshell cases. I have found these to be excellent protection in a relatively light weight package. Flight cases available for upgrade.


I offer two distinct styles of cutaway for players who require better access to the upper frets. One a standard florentine with graceful yet defining lines. Aswell as a scoop cutaway that leaves a full back intact while creating a unique yet functional access point.

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